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Serge Vane is an award-winning director of feature films and music videos.
He has directed music videos for Benny Benassi, Maruv, Bloom Twins

others. His highly acclaimed music video "Drunk Groove" by Maruv reached 200 million views. 

Serge created the innovative music video “Crown" by Alloise which became the first immersive / 360° music video in Ukraine. His music video “Imagine” by Bloom Twins was part of UNICEF’s “Imagine” campaign alongside David Guetta, Yoko Ono, Katy Perry, 

In 2020 the film "Date In Vegas" was released in Ukrainian cinemas and streamed on the biggest national television network 1+1. 

In 2019 the film "Producer" was released in Ukrainian cinemas, bringing together a record number of top Ukrainian stars in the cast.


London UK


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